Michael A. Meystel
President, CEO
Alexander M. Meystel
Vice President, R&D
The Company
(and how it got that unusual name)

Naming a company Cognisphere is not really odd at all when you consider what the two parts of the name mean.

Cogni comes from cognition, defined in the dictionary as "the act, power, or faculty of apprehending, knowing, perceiving."
Sphere (in this sense) means, "field of activity, endeavor, influence."

Indeed, Cognisphere software has the power to apprehend, know, and perceive huge amounts of information in a totally unique way. And Cognisphere's field of influence will be very significant as the company positions itself to become the world leader in text analysis, content understanding, and meaning-extraction tools.

Our target markets include law firms, insurance companies, and Web search engines. But any company that deals with large amounts of information and wants to mine its databases for specific information is a potential user of Cognisphere software. In fact, we even envision our software being found on the desktops of individuals in the not-too-distant future.

Cognisphere was founded in 1996 by President and CEO Michael Meystel, who credits his father, Dr. Alexander Meystel, a Drexel University professor widely recognized in the fields of computer engineering and artificial intelligence, with the concepts on which Cognisphere's software is based. In six months, the company went from ground zero to product - a product that connects artificial intelligence to linguistics through a software system for Meaning-Oriented Analysis of Texts (MOATS).

Our vision is to provide innovative, practical, and top-quality products that both save time and improve the way companies and individuals process and analyze unstructured text and data.

With that vision before us, we have entered into an agreement with Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), an organization that reads, translates, and catalogs topical open-source information (newspaper articles, news feeds, and so forth) around the world. Cognisphere is developing a customized version of one of our primary products, CogniSummary, to meet FBIS's specialized needs. With CogniSummary, FBIS will be able to process more information more quickly than ever before. And, more than that, they'll be able to efficiently direct the most relevant pieces of news to their customers, based on individual customer requirements.

To learn more about Cognisphere's complete product line and investigate how we can help YOU deal with volumes of information in an innovative and efficient way, click here.

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