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"Cognisphere software is the only product that uses the concept of multiresolutional processing to achieve the highest-possible quality of summarization, abstracting, and categorizing of text."

And we could go on like that, quoting from our company's business plan and telling you about our software in complicated systems-development terms. But we suspect you'd rather we get right to the point and simply say: Here's what we've got to help your organization, and this is what each product does.

So, simply said, here are our 11 product offerings and their capabilities in general terms:

CogniSummary A document summarization tool. It examines the text and intelligently creates summaries of different lengths, geared for different audiences. CogniSummary can provide summaries ranging from scientific abstracts to shortened versions of extensive documents for evaluation.
CogniGraph A "meaning-relationship" graphing tool. It can analyze relationships between pieces of the original text and produce a graphical picture of the flow of the original text, showing the logic of the text.
CogniFlow An object-oriented flowcharting and CASE tool. It can generate flowcharts from source code and, conversely, source code from flowcharts.
CogniKey A keyword extraction utility. It performs keyword identification in documents and extracts the information you need.
CogniPhrase A meaningful-phrase extraction utility. It pulls from the document meaningful, frequently occurring 2-and 3-word phrases. This is especially helpful to those seeking significant combinations of words rather than summaries.
Cognitology DB A proprietary ontological database system. This system, adaptable to any domain, finds and records relationships between documents and their components.
CogniCategories A document categorization engine. It categorizes all your documents on the basis of the universal characteristics generated by Cognitology DB or any other characteristics you choose.
CogniSuite A package consisting of CogniSummary, CogniKey, and CogniCategories. With Suite, you get all three of these strategic products.
A package consisting of CogniSuite and Cognitology DB. Similar to CogniSuite, Professional includes Cognitology DB for high-end customers with large or unusual requirements.
CogniAuthor An "author-recognition" tool. It recognizes the specific author of a document from a group of authors, based on the document's content, structure, and meaning.
CogniSearch An Internet search engine. CogniSearch is composed of CogniSummary, CogniKey, and CogniCategories and is available as a licensable module that can be used by existing Internet search engine companies.
Of course, there is much more to know about these exciting and innovative Cognisphere products. We'd be glad to provide more information and answer your specific questions. Just contact us at

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